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Electro-Voice HT300 trådløs håndmikrofon til R300 - A bånd


  • Serie : EV R300

R300 A Band handheld transmitter (618 - 634 MHz)

ClearScan finds the clearest channel available with
the touch of one (1) button
? EZsync infrared channel transfer from the receiver
to the transmitter for easy and error-free setup
? 32 preset channels, with compatible groups of eight
(8) channels for simultaneous use
? 14 hour battery life from two (2) AA alkaline
? Rugged metal transmitters with backlit LCD display
and battery gauge
The Electro-Voice R300 opens a new category of
wireless microphone in today’s market; Entry Level
Professional. With one-touch ClearScan and EZ sync
transmitter update the R300 is as easy to setup and
use as any entry level wireless microphone. But the
R300 also a true rack mountable metal receiver, metal
body pack and handheld transmitters, and remote
mountable antennas normally found in higher priced
professional systems.
With the touch of one button ClearScan scans through
all 32 preset channels and selects the clearest
channel. Having the clearest channel ensures noise
free operation with the longest operating range.
ClearScan gives you confidence In an increasingly
difficult RF world.
Matching the transmitter frequency to the receiver
also requires just the touch of a button. EZsync uses
infrared technology to set the transmitter to the
correct frequency and confirms operation in one
automatic step. EZsync ensures error free setup.
BP-300 is an all new metal bodypack transmitter that
is rugged, compact, and easy to use. Using two AA
batteries for 14 hours of use, the BP-300 is one of the
most economical transmitters around for applications
that require daily operation. The mute function keeps
the RF signal live while it mutes the audio to protect
your channel and prevent noise in the audio system.
The TA4 connector allows the use of any EV lapel or
headworn microphone for a variety of applications.
The HT-300 metal handheld transmitter is made to
withstand the rigors of daily use but still be
comfortable in your hand. The PL22 dynamic
microphone is the perfect all-around microphone for
speaking engagements, singing and emcees. The
cardioid pick up pattern rejects noise from the
surroundings, helps to control audio feedback, and
still allows an experienced vocalist to work the
The receiver for the R300 system is equally at home on
a table top or in a 19 inch equipment rack. Rack mount
kits and front mount antenna cables are available for
the R300 for a professional installation.
Technical specifications
R300 Receiver Specifications:
Receiver Type: Synthesized PLL
Frequency Range (RF): A Band 618 – 634 MHz
B Band 678 – 694 MHz
C Band 516 – 532 MHz
E Band 850 – 865 MHz
Number of Channels: 32
Modulation: ± 40 kHz
Diversity: True Antenna
RF Sensitivity: <1.0 μV for 12 dB SINAD
Image Rejection: > 55 dB
Squelch: Tone Code plus Amplitude
Power Requirements: 12–16 VDC, 500mA max

perating Temperature: 5°C to 45°C (41°F to 113°F)
Dimensions: 43 mm H x 206 mm W x 210 mm D
(1.72 in H x 7.8 in W x 8.0 in D)
Audio Parameters
Frequency Response: 80 Hz – 18 kHz ± 2 dB
Balanced Output: 20 dBV (max @ 40 kHz deviation)
Unbalanced Output: Adjustable 8 mV to 0.755V RMS
Distortion: < 1.0%, 0.4% typical
(ref 1 kHz, 40 kHz deviation)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: > 100 dB A-Weighted
Dynamic Range: > 95 dB
BP-300 and HT-300 Transmitter Specifications:
Radiated Output: 8 mW typical
Back Lit LCD Display: Channel, Frequency, Mute, and
Battery Level
Microphone Head: Electro-Voice PL22 Cardioid Dynamic
Standard Lavalier
Electro-Voice ULM18 Uni-Directional
TA4F Connector Wiring: Pin 1: Ground; Pin 2: Mic Input;
Pin 3: +5V bias; Pin 4: +5V thru 2.2k
Power Requirement: Two AA batteries
Battery Life (Typical): > 14 hours with AA alkaline typical
Bodypack Antenna: Flexible external 1/4 wave
Handheld Antenna: Internal proprietary
Dimensions (Bodypack): 84 mm H x 66 mm W x 23 mm D
(3.3 in H x 2.6 in W x 0.89 in D)
Dimensions (Handheld): 26.7 cm (10.57 in) Long

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EV R300

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